On my free time, I like to read essays and articles on various scientific topics e.g.,

  • Physics
    Il était sept fois la révolution, Etienne Klein
    Le facteur temps ne sonne jamais deux fois, Etienne Klein
    L’ordre du temps, Carlo Rovelli
    Quantix, Laurent Schafer
  • Mathematics
    Les Indispensables mathématiques et physiques pour tous, Alexandre Moatti
    Les objets fractals, Benoît Mandelbrot
  • Logic
    Les Métamorphoses du Calcul, Gilles Dowek
    La Logique, Gilles Dowek
    Le théorème de Gödel, Ernest Nagel, James R. Newman, Kurt Gödel, Jean-Yves Girard
    Logicomix, Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos Papadimitriou
  • Epistemology
    The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking
  • and of course Artificial Intelligence
    Shadows of the Mind, Roger Penrose

From time to time, I also like to solve mathematical riddles.


On my free time, I help my wife (who teaches French literature in high schools and at the university) build innovative educational content. All the projects we work on together are gathered under a single name: KrouniX. The KrouniX project involves various activities, from building a self-hosted MOOC platform, to constructing educational escape games or managing/feeding a literature blog. I am really proud and enthusiastic about KrouniX because it gives my wife and I the opportunity to express our creativity, share ideas and foster new (and unexpected) common interests even though we come from different backgrounds and we have very different jobs. It also motivates us to develop new skills with passion. As part of KrouniX, I am the administrator of the following websites:

  • a literature blog and platform where Master students can create and publish digital content (essays, podcasts, videos, …).
  • a MOOC platform for high school students powered by OpenedX (the open source software that powers edX!).
  • a virtual classroom platform born during the Covid crisis and powered by BigBlueButton (an open source software used by several universities).

Open Source

During my PhD, and later on while working on KrouniX, I developed a real passion for Open Source softwares. In the future I would like to contribute to the development of Open Source projects involving Artificial Intelligence algorithms.